Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Assignment 7

Ben Goossens
Ben Goossens is another interesting surrealistic digital photographer. Most of his images are comprised of odd but fascinating ideas composed altogether to create some sort of story. While looking through his works, I noticed that Goossens tends to go wild on his imagination as a photographer. He likes to use people and objects together and place them in a way so that it seems as if they're in an unrealistic world.

An example of his works as provided above, emphasizes on the people. When you first look at this photograph, the first thing that comes to mind is that they are in a different world apart from our own. The people don't even seem as if they're human beings. By looking at this photograph, you think that they are on some different planet in outer space and the three men seen are aliens of some sort. If you look within the picture, you can see that he was trying to tell a story through a various composition of multiple images. Maybe, for example he was trying to create a world where women were dominant over men. Another example of one of his works is provided on the right.



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  1. I like the composites ut the triptych needs a better page lay out and I don't see how showing the three together changes the meaning of them. 8/10