Thursday, February 19, 2009

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Assignment 4

Original Image:
Image Transformations:

Using Photoshop, I played around with the color levels as well as the hue saturation and color balance options. For the first transformation, I played with the color levels and adjusted it to a greenish color. Afterwards, I went into the artistic filter gallery and used the 'smudge stick' to create a kind of pastel effect. The second transformation, I play around with the 'color balance'. Using this tool, I lightened and darkened the midtones, highlights and shadows to my preference. This created a blue-greenish tint to my self-portrait. Next, I increased the hue, saturation and lightness, creating a lighter look. In the third transformation, I greatly decreased the hue and increased the saturation to enhance the magenta color. To finish, I went into the artistic filter gallery and added the 'poster edges' effect to enhance the black outlines of the photograph. And finally for the last transformation, I used the 'film grain' and 'neon glow' effect. My favorite altered phto would be the first transformation because the effect makes me look unreal. It enhances the black color and makes my image look as if it's a drawing.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Assignment 3

Original Image:

Image Transformations:

Using Picasa, I played around with the different effects available. I used a little bit of glow here and there while also adding some focal black & white for two images. The second transformation I started off using the sepia effect then later on added some glow and finally, sharpening the image. I played around with the images and used a little bit of every effect available. The image that I liked the most was transformation 2 because of the glow and sepia effects. Using those two as a combination created a pretty glowy soft effect. This effect softened up the image and enlightened the picture. The glow effect emphasized the focus on the object while the sepia effect warmed and brightened up the photograph.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Assignment 2

Other Photos:

Edward Burtynsky & Irving Penn :

What kind of Photographs do these photographers make?

Edward Burtynsky photographs mostly images of landscapes and photos taken in the industry. Examples include refineries, quarries and scrap piles. The basis of his photographs are usually taken at construction sites. He focuses more on nature and its surroundings rather than objects.

Irving Penn photographs simple objects and humans and turn these images into something interesting. He is known for taking photographs of still life and found objects.

What makes their photographs interesting?

Both of these photographers make their photos interesting because they concentrate on the tiny details within their images. Burtynsky focuses on the concrete details of the construction sites and all of the little details embedded in the environment. He photographs them in a way that makes the entire photo transform into something else. Penn on the other hand, uniquely concentrates on the different shapes and outlines of certain objects. He deeply concentrates on the placement of objects and/or people and the use of lighting. Using this technique provides clarity to his work.

Was there a specific concept or reason behind their photographs?

Edward Burtynsky's reason behind his photographs were because he was more interested in nature rather than the tiny details of just a simple object. He was more into the beauty of the environment. Most of Burtynsky's work indicates much complexity in the surrounding details. If you look in further detail at his work, you can really see why his images are different from just any other photo. He photographs them in a way where when you look at it, it doesn't just look like a regular quarry or ship yard but something else. Something that was not what was initially visualized in the mind.

Irving Penn photographs his subjects in a unique way. His reason behind his photographs was because he wanted people to focus on facial expressions and focus onto the person itself. That may explain why most of his photos were photographed in black and white. It may also explain why he always used a neutral backdrop for all of his photographs. This brought more drama into most of his work.

Post at least two links to web sites that helped you with your research.

Post two samples of each photographer’s work.

Edward Burtynsky :

Irving Penn :