Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Assignment 5: Motion Research

Stopped Action + Blurred album:

When snapping photographs around the idea of motion, it makes certain people look as if they were some sort of superhuman. The photographs I took were all with people in it. Four of the stopped action pictures at high shutter speed were all images of my friend jumping around in mid-air and one was of my cousin about to kick. These photos were taken at the lockers after school. Using high shutter speed, I held the button of the camera to get ready to catch her in mid-air as soon as she began to jump. If I had taken the picture without already holding the button, the camera would have been way too slow to capture her movements.

The blurred photographs taken at low shutter speed were mostly photographed during the Ladies and Gents event at Conrods. All except one of the blurred photos was taken of my cousin as if he was running at the speed of light. The photos looked as if the people in it were all moving quickly from one place to the next. The blurred effects also made it seem as if people were jumping in from all over the place. I thought maybe it was best to take pictures at low shutter speed in an area where there were many people in one room. I found that this would make the picture seem a lot more interesting.

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  1. The grasp you have of the technical aspects of how to stop motion and how to blur your subject is evident and well done but I would have liked to have seen you get more creative with the variety of subject matter.