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Assignmnt 9

Here is my final project on how to bake a cake :)

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Assignment 7

Ben Goossens
Ben Goossens is another interesting surrealistic digital photographer. Most of his images are comprised of odd but fascinating ideas composed altogether to create some sort of story. While looking through his works, I noticed that Goossens tends to go wild on his imagination as a photographer. He likes to use people and objects together and place them in a way so that it seems as if they're in an unrealistic world.

An example of his works as provided above, emphasizes on the people. When you first look at this photograph, the first thing that comes to mind is that they are in a different world apart from our own. The people don't even seem as if they're human beings. By looking at this photograph, you think that they are on some different planet in outer space and the three men seen are aliens of some sort. If you look within the picture, you can see that he was trying to tell a story through a various composition of multiple images. Maybe, for example he was trying to create a world where women were dominant over men. Another example of one of his works is provided on the right.



Monday, March 23, 2009

Assignment 6: Portraits

Studio Photoshoot:

The photoshoot we had in the studio was a brand new experience for me. Taking photos of my fellow classmates in a professional photo studio environment made me feel as if I was a real photographer. All of the equipment was provided to us and I discovered that just the idea of being in a photo studio and being able to take pictures like real professionals was exciting.

Using the stronger lighting, I placed it in a way so that the model's face I was shooting was clearly visible. The second lighting I placed a little further away from the model at about a distance as to light up the rest of the model's body and reduce the shadows. At one point during the photoshoot, I wanted to experiment a bit with the flash to see whether there was a difference whether I turned flash on or not. One of the pictures I took of Evin using the flash on my camera actually altered the lighting of the image and made the colors look warmer.

As for the camera angles attempted during the shooting, I tilted the camera horizontally and vertically according to the model's pose. Zoom was also used in order to capture the upper body of the model. I found that if it was a whole body image of the person, at times the camera angle made the model look shorter therefore much zoom was used throughout the entire photoshoot.


Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Assignment 5: Motion Research

Stopped Action + Blurred album:

When snapping photographs around the idea of motion, it makes certain people look as if they were some sort of superhuman. The photographs I took were all with people in it. Four of the stopped action pictures at high shutter speed were all images of my friend jumping around in mid-air and one was of my cousin about to kick. These photos were taken at the lockers after school. Using high shutter speed, I held the button of the camera to get ready to catch her in mid-air as soon as she began to jump. If I had taken the picture without already holding the button, the camera would have been way too slow to capture her movements.

The blurred photographs taken at low shutter speed were mostly photographed during the Ladies and Gents event at Conrods. All except one of the blurred photos was taken of my cousin as if he was running at the speed of light. The photos looked as if the people in it were all moving quickly from one place to the next. The blurred effects also made it seem as if people were jumping in from all over the place. I thought maybe it was best to take pictures at low shutter speed in an area where there were many people in one room. I found that this would make the picture seem a lot more interesting.

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