Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Assignment 4

Original Image:
Image Transformations:

Using Photoshop, I played around with the color levels as well as the hue saturation and color balance options. For the first transformation, I played with the color levels and adjusted it to a greenish color. Afterwards, I went into the artistic filter gallery and used the 'smudge stick' to create a kind of pastel effect. The second transformation, I play around with the 'color balance'. Using this tool, I lightened and darkened the midtones, highlights and shadows to my preference. This created a blue-greenish tint to my self-portrait. Next, I increased the hue, saturation and lightness, creating a lighter look. In the third transformation, I greatly decreased the hue and increased the saturation to enhance the magenta color. To finish, I went into the artistic filter gallery and added the 'poster edges' effect to enhance the black outlines of the photograph. And finally for the last transformation, I used the 'film grain' and 'neon glow' effect. My favorite altered phto would be the first transformation because the effect makes me look unreal. It enhances the black color and makes my image look as if it's a drawing.

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