Thursday, January 22, 2009

Assignment 1A

The brand and model of my camera is a Canon Powershot SD850 IS.
The resolution is 8.0 mega pixels.
The camera has a storage media for SD memory cards, SDHC memory cards and MultiMedia Cards.
The wire connecting the camera to the computer is called the USB interface cable.
When downloading images to the computer, I use the USB cord to connect the camera to the computer and the images download automatically from there. If no USB cord is available, I take out the SD card in the camera and plug it into the computer for the photos to download.
The amount of low resolution images that can be stored on the SD card is ...
The amount of high resolution images that can be stored on the SD card is 635 images.
The file format of the images stored on the SD card is in JPEG format.
I have a camera manual however I have not yet read the contents of the booklet.

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  1. Fifa,
    If you read your camera manual you will know how many low res. images your card can store. The other way is to put an empty card in your camera and set it to the lowest resolution. It should indicate how many photos you can take. Your self portraits are very good. I know you can get a little more creative if you try, don't be shy!